Trinity of Terror 2022 Tour

Must be 21 or over.
  • Sunday, November 13 | 5:30PM
    Hard Rock Live

Launched on March 17 in Mesa, Arizona, the tour offers three very different shows.  Every night the three bands play a full-length, full-production set.  In addition to having easily abbreviated band names, BVB, MiW and INK, all share a certain common horror-esque vibe.


Black Veil Brides is an American rock band based in Hollywood, California.  The group, formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio, is currently composed of lead vocalist Andy Biersack, rhythm guitarist and violinist Jinxx, lead guitarist Jake Pitts, drummer Christian “CC” Coma and bassist Lonny Eagleton.


Motionless in White is a traditional heavy metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Formed in 2005, the band consists of Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, Ryan Sitkowski, Ricky “Horror” Olson, Vinny Mauro, and Justin Morrow.  Their band’s name is derived from the Eighteen Visions song “Motionless and White”.


Ice Nine Kills, best known for its horror-inspired lyrics, was formed in its earliest incarnation in 2000 by high school friends Spencer Charnas and Jeremy Schwartz.  The band is very theatrical in terms of lyric and tone.  Their stage show involves a lot of theatrics as the band comes from a more rock ‘n roll kind of world with big guitar solos and gang vocals.