The Indigos

  • Saturday, April 22 | 8:00PM
    Hard Rock Cafe
The Indigos are a high energy funk rock band featuring multiple vocalists, horn players, shredding guitars, and a rock solid rhythm section. Taking influences from a multitude of artist over many different genres their eclectic sound with have you dancing off, getting down, and moshing harder than ever before. After 5 years of back to back shows touring from coast to coast The Indigos have featured and performed with over 4 dozen artists.
The name The Indigos comes from the idea of being Indigo, or those from a generation who are more in touch with their higher selves. They are able to identify their dreams and desires, pursue, and then help others do the same. We always strive to spread the joy of music and love wherever we go, and include all of those who want to be apart of this amazing experience. Pick up an instrument, come on stage, be a part of this musical experience, and join us as our fellow Indigo.