Erin Coburn

  • Saturday, November 18 | 8:00PM
    Council Oak Bar
Ohio native Erin Coburn is known for her prolific songwriting and modern approach to American Rock and Roll. Her relatable lyrics and soul gripping vocals are a striking compliment to her scorching guitar solos. Writing songs and performing across the United States since a young age, Erin released her debut album, ‘Chaos Before Conformity’ (2015) at age 14, followed by her second and third albums, ‘Queen of Nothing’ (2017) and ‘Out from Under’ (2019). Her latest single releases, ‘Flip’ and ‘The MiSFIT’ her natural progression to a more mature sound with edgier lyrics with a dash of humor. Not only is Erin a talented vocalist, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist, she is a proudly endorsed artist for Strandberg Guitars, Bad Cat Amps, DR Strings, Westone Audio and Gravity Picks.