Win/Loss Statements

Looking for your Win/Loss Statement from a previous year? We've got you covered.

To download your 2022 Win/Loss statement, log in to Unity and go to your account page.

To request Win/Loss statements for years prior to 2022, use the form below. If you select pick-up on the form, the form will be available for pick-up at the credit office.

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This Casino Win/Loss Statement is provided to you as a courtesy by Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana and is inclusive of your net win/loss for slot machine activity and table games play generated through the player tracking system for calendar year requested.

The use of a loyalty card is voluntary for both table games and gaming machines. A loyalty card is not accepted at all slot machines. Any transactions for which the loyalty card was not used are not included in this statement. Accordingly, Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana disclaims any obligation to certify that this Statement represents all of your gaming transactions, and you are advised that it is based only on your tracked play.

Net win/loss for slot machine activity includes wins and or losses generated through the use of free play. Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, of the accuracy of the information or its effectiveness as proof of wins and/or losses. This Statement is not an “official” record, and the tracking system used to track your gaming activities is dependent upon use of your loyalty card. Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana suggests that you consult with a qualified tax professional or seek additional information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with regard to preparation of your income tax return.